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Over the past couple of years, doctors have seen massive improvement in the technology available to them. As our understanding of the human body improves, it has become much easier for scientists to design systems that can be used to make the lives of medical staff simpler.

This is where AI and automated healthcare technology comes in. These unique systems are used in medical practice for a number of different purposes. Not only do they make the jobs of doctors that much easier, but they can also benefit the patient in a number of ways. For example, these systems are a lot more accurate than people because they do not make human errors. This means that patients receive much more efficient and effective service when visiting the doctor.

In this article, we will be discussing a number of jobs that have been made available to medical staff because of artificial intelligence (AI) and automated healthcare systems. We will also mention exactly what this unique technology involves and why it is so beneficial.

What Is AI in the Medical Field?

AI has transformed different sections of the economy. However, it has had a major impact on the medical field, in particular, due to the fact that it is now used for different treatments, procedures, and patient monitoring.

In short, artificial intelligence refers to intelligence that can be demonstrated by machines. Scientists and engineers often work together to design and manufacture state-of-the-art technology that shows and behaves in a way similar to humans. While people are still behind these pieces of machinery, they can work independently to a certain extent.

For this reason, AI technology can be used to make the lives of doctors and other medical staff much easier. Artificial intelligence can be used for a wide variety of tasks, including relatively small jobs, like making patient appointments. On the other hand, it can also be used for major procedures, including surgery and other treatments.

AI Research and Design

As we have already mentioned, scientists and engineers often work alongside doctors to design and manufacture different pieces of AI medical equipment. Doctors understand exactly how the human body is laid out and how it works. Their knowledge makes the task of designing AI technology that much easier.

AI has introduced a number of new jobs in the medical field, and one of these jobs includes AI research and design. As a doctor, you will have the opportunity to work alongside scientists and engineers to create unique pieces of machinery that have the potential to save millions of lives.

Medical Imaging

One of the most common ways AI technology is used is for medical imaging. Patients have to undergo specific procedures, including X-rays, MRI scans, or CT scans, to be diagnosed with certain conditions. However, thanks to AI technology and other automated equipment, this process has become much easier and more efficient.

The information delivered to doctors by these scans can be incredibly complex and difficult to understand. In fact, more than 97% of the data provided goes unused or unanalyzed. However, doctors are now able to use AI to better understand what they are looking at after a patient has undergone one of these scans. In this way, AI has opened up different careers associated with medical imaging.


In the past, doctors have been responsible for performing all types of surgeries that patients may require. However, thanks to this advancement in technology, they can now rely on artificial intelligence to assist with certain procedures.

AI currently provides a foundation for various robotic systems that are used to aid surgeons during surgeries. Below, we have listed a number of ways in which this technology is used:

  • Abdominal surgery

  • Complete knee surgery

  • Cardiovascular surgery

  • Spine surgery

  • Urologic surgery

  • Head and neck surgery

In this way, more and more jobs have become available thanks to the assistance of AI and automated systems. The responsibilities of surgeons have changed over the past couple of years because of these systems and all the tasks that they can perform.

Virtual Meetings

As we have already discussed, AI is often used to make appointments with patients. On top of this, doctors and medical secretaries can use this technology to take note of what a patient is suffering from and what assistance they need.

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, AI technology has been used to hold virtual meetings between doctors and patients. This is convenient for both parties, as they can discuss matters from anywhere and at any time. It also eliminates the need for physical contact, making the exchange safer.

AI Maintenance

Like with any machine, AI technology requires maintenance. Due to the fact that this machinery is used for extremely important and detailed work, including surgeries, it is even more vital that medical staff look after the equipment and ensure that it is as accurate as possible.

In this way, hospitals need to hire staff members who will be able to perform maintenance checks on the automated machinery.


Artificial intelligence has created various jobs in the medical field. AI refers to machinery that displays intelligence, making it useful in a variety of aspects of life. This equipment can be used for medical imaging, surgery, and virtual meetings.

On top of this, doctors will need to hire staff members who can properly maintain the technology. Due to the fact that these tools will be used for detailed work, including surgery, it is very important that they run as smoothly and as accurately as possible.

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